Judge Sara Collins

Hello, I’m Sara

It is an honor to serve as your Jackson County Circuit Court Judge. I am focused on serving our county and state to the best of my ability. I care deeply about creating a more thoughtful, safe, and thriving community and so much of that is tightly knit to an honorable and trustworthy judicial system.

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As Judge, I am committed to appyling the law in an impartial manner. In my courtroom, decisions are unbiased, well-informed, and based on evidence and the law.



I am dedicated to making sure every individual is provided access to a high-functioning, efficient and fair justice system. I consider each case that comes before me fairly, equally, and with compassion.



The decisions we make as judges can impact someone’s life forever. Our citizens deserve a legal system they can trust. I will continue to serve our court system and communities with honesty and integrity, and uphold the rule of law.



Each person who steps into my courtroom will know their voices are heard, they are equal under the eyes of the law, and they will have a fair and thoughtful judge making decisions.


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